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About feed the world

What is the Feed the World programme?

With the Feed the World programme, Aeres Training Centre International (Aeres TCI) invites Dutch companies to sponsor pig, poultry and compound feed professionals from across the world to take advantage of our practical training programmes. We believe that together we can achieve significant change by making a difference one student at a time. The impact that our students have on their environment once they finish a course and return to their homes has a profound effect on their lives and the lives of those in the community around them.

Our training programmes on poultry, pigs and compound feed have proven to be very successful. In the past 50 years, we have created a global network of alumni that have made a huge difference in their communities. The Feed the World programme is designed to give even more people the opportunity to gain knowledge, know-how, technical skills and the proper attitude to help their farms and communities.

We need your help

Due to a lack of funding for international students, there are currently many applicants who cannot be enrolled in our training programmes. This is unfortunate and a missed opportunity, as there is an urgent need for know-how and trained professionals in our students’ home countries, most of which are developing countries.

With the Feed the World programme, Aeres TCI developed a concept that allows Dutch entrepreneurs, including agricultural and livestock entrepreneurs, to play a role in creating a driving force for providing chances for students who would otherwise not have access to our training programmes.

To do so, we need your help and support. By sponsoring, you are giving professionals from developing countries around the world an opportunity to learn. And by doing so, they can apply their training in their communities in their home countries to improve production in the field of pigs, poultry and compound feed.

Feed the World is essentially a micro-development aid programme facilitated by Dutch companies that see themselves as an instrumental part of the sustainability movement. Companies that choose to not only work for profit, but also to make a positive and meaningful contribution to improving the world.

We make it personal

Sharing knowledge is our main goal, and this is something we take personally. We listen to our students’ individual stories, get to know their situations, and identify opportunities and constraints regarding livestock development. All our students create a Back Home Improvement Plan (BHIP) that will ensure that our ‘learning by doing’ training can be applied to directly improve the situation in their communities. Upon their return, the students provide local livestock farmers with training and support, and share their knowledge, know-how and technical skills with their community to increase awareness and production.

In addition to benefits for students, we understand that sponsors want a valid return on investment. The Feed the World programme has been developed to enable sponsors to keep track of the students’ progress and the impact they have on their communities. Our goal is to create mutually beneficial relationships between sponsors and students.

This will create tangible results that you and your company can show as a real result of your People Planet Profit philosophy.