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First upcoming course to sponsor

Course Animal Feed Production

The first upcoming course that requires sponsors is our Animal Feed Production course. The course, which starts in March 2020, will teach students how to formulate and produce compound feeds with the desired nutrient levels and develop a plan for the production of compound feed. The programme is geared towards professionals already engaged in feed processing activities, as well as those in closely related fields.


The following training themes are covered in the programme:

  • taking care of production
  • handling of inputs and products
  • taking care of feed production unit and working environment
  • assessing results
  • orientation on market possibilities and developments
  • making a business plan
  • dealing with feed production unit staff
  • assessing quality and safety deviations
  • communicating with feed production workers/managers
  • advising on prevention of product deviations


When students complete this programme, they will be able to formulate and produce properly processed compound feeds with the desired nutrient levels. They also learn how to develop a plan for the compound feed production suitable for their local environment. This includes mill setup, production planning, formulating the range of feeds to be produced, and investment estimation. The students will develop essential skills and competencies which will enable them to become confident and well-trained professionals in their home countries upon their return.

Training date

30 March 2020 - 3 July 2020 (13 weeks)


Aeres Training Centre International, Barneveld, the Netherlands

Educational setting

Small groups


The cost of sponsoring one student to complete this programme is €10,850